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      Across Seas Co. was founded in 2019. after looking at the shark’s teeth I had collected over the course of 15 years and wanting a piece of jewelry that was unique, simple, and ocean inspired. I decided to teach myself how to metalsmith and create my own line of jewelry inspired by my own ocean adventures. 

      Every shark tooth featured in my jewelry is found by Across Seas Co. and is fossilized, meaning no sharks were harmed in acquiring the tooth. The teeth are thousands, if not millions of years old. 

      20% of my profit is donated to various marine life research and conservation groups.

      Each piece is handcrafted bringing to life a my memories growing up along the eastern shore. From running barefoot around Peaks Island to crabbing (catch and release) off the bridge by Millie’s house in Nantucket; from morning walks along Hilton Head's coast to see the baby sharks chase minnows in the shallows to hunting for sharks teeth in a place that has become a second home- Venice, FL. I hope that by bringing to life my cherished memories you are able to connect back to your favorite moments along the shore. 


      Thank you for your support and willingness to be a part of our journey!